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Posted on Nov 19 2016 - 2:30pm by Franklin Awodiya
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Career Insights UK Reviews – For anyone who is contemplating on signing up to Career Insights UK, please read this carefully. This is a honest review of my personal experience.

First of all 99.9% of the 5 star reviews on their facebook page do not in any way reflect the overall experience on this platform. My training was delivered by a gentleman called Ayo Nunu and in case you are wondering, he is a hired Trainer. He did a great job with the class room session and you can tell he is a subject matter expert.


Career Insights Keji Giwa

On the last day of my 5 day training at the career insights London office with other trainees, we were stopped on our way out, pressured and offered 20 days access to the eWorkexperience platform provided we gave Career Insights our feedback right on the spot and it must be 5 stars as demanded by Solomon, the dude that works for Keji the business owner. You can imagine that we just completed a well delivered class room based training, all happy etc we gave our feedback on this facebook page and their Google Plus page, got the 20 days and left the building to commence the second phase (practical work experience) which is governed by the most-arrogant-business-owner you’d ever come across in your life – Keji Giwa. Please note that a lot of people are tricked into leaving what is clearly not a honest feedback that truly reflects their overall experience. He is the Project Sponsor for all projects which means if you don’t get an update from him, you could be waiting weeks (while your eworkexperience subscription burns rapidly).
I joined the platform with utmost determination to get my money’s worth, wealth of knowledge good enough to bag a BA job which is what many also want and why they joined. My experience has been utterly shit from day one with weeks wasted waiting on Keji’s go ahead, I repeatedly reached out on Telegram when my frustration was no longer bearable but he disregarded all my messages and concerns. I joined a Ministry of Finance Project (MOF) which was about rebuilding the damaged online reputation of Nigeria’s Minister of Finance, Kemi Adeosun. I was made a Lead Business Analyst, due to my knowledge of SEO and online reputation management. I also joined the NDIC – Nigeria Deposit Insurance Corporation Project which was about revamping the NDIC website and CI – Dispatcher Project which was about creating an Uber like app that is aimed at Nigerian based users.

The tutorial videos on the eworkexperience platform suffered repeated technical glitches which meant no videos were playing for weeks. To make it worse, a lot of folks like me do work during the week and can only watch videos on weekends or evenings, there’s no tech support and when you ring the office staffs, they are very arrogant and all they want is for you to cough more money. I laid my complaints bare on the platform and instead of Career Insights Keji Giwa a self-proclaimed CEO with zero knowledge and regard for customer service failed to empathise with me, ask relevant questions but instead he said I was BAD MOUTHING his business and a threat to his platform. Between the two shakes of a duck’s tail, he blocked my access to the eworkexperience chat groups, CI Support group, removed me from my project groups and blocked my access to the career insights basecamp which means I am unable to obtain the practical experience that the business promised after paying £500. He has failed till date to provide evidences to back up his ridiculous and malicious falsehood.


A lot of kind hearted people stood up to him and disagreed with his actions, calling it ridiculous for removing me simply because of my dissatisfaction with his services, this is a common knowledge on the platform. Keji Giwa removed another gentle man who is a Career Insights Nigeria candidate simply because the man advised he needs to learn to listen to his paying customers. He further removed several others threatened to remove anyone else that said anything in relation to my complaint. Like that’s not bad enough, at 7pm he went into a Sponsor’s meeting (led by him) with over 500+ attendees, he distorted the truth by failing to give an honest account of my concerns and repeatedly defamed me as being a threat to his business, a danger to the platform and that I had been problematic from day one and came to his platform with ulterior motives.

Keji Giwa of Career Insights UK went on his Telegram platform with thousands of members and repeatedly lied by claiming that he is trying to protect them and the business and I am a dangerous person. This guy is a bully with absolute disregard for people’s needs and concerns, he is always right and if you dare to speak up about ill treatment, you are threatened with removal from the platform. As it stands I was SCAMMED by Keji Giwa of Career Insights UK as my eworkexperience subscription expired, I very rightly asked his office to restore the weeks of not being able to gain access or watch videos but they had the nerve to request a £250 payment from me. I have not been provided with required and or promised work experience, got blocked and further defaming me on the Platform.

Career Insights UK Review – Utterly Shocking Customer Service
During my very short time, as a Lead Business Analyst I worked tirelessly over two nights till 4 am providing required information for the Ministry of Finance (MOF) project and I have evidences of this. I managed to gather countless number of screenshots with Keji Giwa’s Defamatory claims with several audio recordings and I am commencing a Law suit against Keji and his company, Digital Bananas Technology. Lastly I will add that, this guy is extremely arrogant for one primary reason, this platform is filled with a lot of Nigerians who desperately need to gain work experience and get that ultimate thing which is work reference. Keji Giwa of Career Insights UK thinks because people need this work experience, he can shit on them and do whatever he wants. He is very rude, speaks arrogantly and once you speak up, you will be kicked off the platform. Prospective Career Insights Nigeria candidates, please note that this guy will kick you off his platform as he knows Nigeria is lawless and there’s no way for you to get justice. Here in the United Kingdom we have a solid justice system and I will exercise my fundamental right to justice by bringing my claim against Keji Giwa of Career Insights UK.

Career Insights UK reviews

He claims to offer work experience which I never got and while he claims to be offering work experience, he keeps extorting people to pay £99 for 30 days and £250 for 90 days to gain access to the video tutorials. Here’s how the scam works: Imagine 30 days calendar month and you have technical issues for 3 weeks and this guy wants more money with blatant disregard for the fact that he didn’t deliver the initial service.

For United Kingdom candidates, if you have already parted with your hard-earned sterling, please read the terms and conditions carefully before signing and don’t hesitate to gain legal advice if your fundamental rights are being crushed.

Career Insights Reviews – Final Lap

One last thing, Keji Giwa will request a copy of your passport to verify (he will make a photocopy) that you are not an illegal immigrant and that you have the right to work in the United Kingdom before allowing you on the training. For the unsuspecting, what this means is Career Insights UK is subject to UK Employment Law. He sells this as if you have no right because he is voluntarily providing work experience which is a big lie but if in doubt, make a quick telephone call to ACAS or the Citizens Advice Bureau.

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