Nigerian Suya Recipe – Nigerian Suya on a Charcoal Grill

Posted on Jun 18 2015 - 11:13am by Franklin Awodiya
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Nigerian Suya Recipe – Nigerian Suya on a Charcoal Grill

 If you are new to my blog or landed on this page while looking for Nigerian suya recipe, you might also be interested in my previous blog post: How to make Nigerian Suya . It is quite informative and takes you through step by step process on how to marinate your meat and also use your oven‘s grill to make suya in doors. You should check out the blog post and YouTube video.

On this occasion, I made Nigerian Suya using a charcoal grill. On a sunny Sunday afternoon (by the way, this is not common in Yorkshire) back in April, I was hanging out with a few buddies and we decided to make some suya on a charcoal grill. I must tell you that Suya on a charcoal grill tastes absolutely better. I am guessing you are a Nigerian food recipe lover like me and you are simply looking to get your hands on Nigerian Suya recipe. Look no further – simply click on my previous suya video to see the recipe and you have the choice of oven grill or charcoal grill to bring your suya to life.

Nigerian Suya Recipe
Nigeria Suya Recipe – Nigerian Suya on Charcoal Grill

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