How to make Suya

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Want to learn how to make Suya? This Nigerian snack has its own unique flavor. It is enjoyed across Africa and served as a savoury snack garnished with onions and tomatoes. There are several variations to this Nigerian Food Recipe, below is the guideline to achieving the delicious Nigerian beef Suya. Enjoy!
How to make Suya


How to make Suya
·         Boneless beef
·         Suya Spice
·         Skewers
·         Pastry brush
·         Vegetable oil
·         Maggi
·         Onion
·         Tomatoes
Cooking Instructions:
·         Cut the beef into small pieces
·         Crush two Maggi cubes into a bowl and add 2 tablespoons of vegetable oil and mix.
·         Marinate the thin strips of beef with Maggi mixture well and set aside for 2hrs although the longer the better.
·         After 2hours, mask generously each strips of beef with the Suya spice, you can them on the skewers before or after masking.
·         Cover the beef with Clingfilm and to allow beef to be properly marinated. The longer the better.
·         Place each skewer on grill tray
·         Preheat oven at 200°C for 5mins before placing grill tray into oven. Remember not to close to heat as it will burn before cooking thoroughly.
·         Allow each side to cook for 15 minutes minimum and brush some vegetable oil once each side is thoroughly cooked

·         Garnish with onions and tomatoes and if you like, sprinkle some Suya spice over the beef. Enjoy!

Now that you’ve learnt how to make Suya, what are you waiting for? 🙂

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