How to Make Fruit Smoothie – Nigerian Food Recipes

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Fruit Smoothie is very tasty and easy to make. It is simply a perfect blend a few fruits of choice and voilà you have a healthy drink. I decide to add fruit smoothie to Nigerian foodrecipes as blends quite well with a lot of Nigerian food. You can make several variations of fruit smoothie by simply trying out combinations of several fruits to identify your favorite!

How to Make Fruit Smoothie – Nigerian Food Recipes

How to Make Fruit Smoothie – Nigerian Food Recipes


·         Strawberries

·         Oranges

·         Pineapple

·         Kiwi

Cooking Instructions

·         Using a kitchen knife, cut off the green tops of the strawberries and cut each one into half.

·         Cut the oranges into four parts, get rid of the seed using the tip of your knife and carefully slice out the inner part of the oranges.

·         Cut required amount of pineapple, peel off the skin using a kitchen knife and cut the slices into small chunks

·         Carefully remove the skins on the kiwi and cut into small chunks.

·         Add them all into a blender if you don’t have a fruit machine and blend until it’s properly dissolved.

·         It is quite normal to have bits in your blended smoothie but if you’d prefer it a bit smoother, simply grab a sieve and squeeze your blended smoothie through it. This will help remove the bits leaving you with a lot smoother fruit smoothie to enjoy.

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